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Luxury room 2

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About the Product

This is a 3D material that can be used for illustrations, manga, and webtoons.

This is a 3D model of "Luxurious Room 2" that can be used in fantasy works.
This room is smaller than the "Luxury Room 1".

✨Reproduce various scenes!
The living room has a long desk and chairs, so you can set up a scene where the characters are having a meeting.
The laboratory is equipped with various research props, including bookshelves, celestial globes, and telescopes.
I think this will be useful when depicting scientists, wizards, alchemists, and scholars conducting research.
The bedroom has twin beds and can be used as a double room in a school dormitory.

Be sure to use "Luxurious Room 2" in your fantasy works!

This product is available for commercial use.
For more details, please see the "Copyright and Notices" below.

Luxurious Room 2.skp (192MB)
[Must read]Read Me.txt
Images of the 3D material

This is the .skp file created in SketchUp.

You can export the image and use it in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

If you convert a .skp file to a .fbx or .obj file and use it, the capacity will be limited.
Please note that the file may not open in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Please check the link below for detailed instructions on how to use it.

⋄ [Recommended] How to export .skp files as images and use them in CLIP STUDIO PAINT

⋄ How to convert to .obj or .fbx format in SketchUp Pro and use it in CLIP STUDIO PAINT

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