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  • What is DC My Room?
DC My Room is a service provided to end users by DC3, which opens up new possibilities for the digital content business, and allows users to experience the ability to comprehensively manage the content they own. Details can be found on the DC3 official website below. Source: DC3 official homepage (
  • Who is the 3D item sales company for My Room?
This is a business that sells 3D interior items within DC3 My Room Service. This applies to BG OUTLET.

  • What is the difference between the current homepage (BG OUTLET FOR MYROOM) and the official homepage (BG OUTLET)?
The current page is a homepage established for the purpose of selling My Room 3D items, and currently only sells FBX files. Other digital drawings, illustrations, and manga materials can be found on the official website.

  • Is it possible to use it for purposes other than my room?
If used for purposes other than those specified, it may not function properly. Please note that we are not responsible for any issues that may arise in connection with this.

  • How to apply it to my room?
Please follow the instructions below to apply and if you encounter any errors, please email us at If you attach the purchased ID/product name/image of the error-related materials, we can help you resolve the issue quickly.

  • Does the price include tax?
Yes, that's right. Sales prices are displayed including consumption tax.